Quick Win Workshop: How to Increase Your Revenue by Ditching Display Ads

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Instant Access Replay: Get the workshop replay broken into bite-sized trainings, PLUS all supporting materials.

With big changes coming to display ad revenue in 2023, some bloggers who rely in display ad revenue could see as much as a 60% drop in revenue next year. (Source)

For many bloggers, the thought of losing their display ad income is scary... but what if I told you that by getting rid of display ads on your highest performing posts could help you make more money, grow your email list faster, and more easily scale your business?

While the idea FEELS scary... we're going to use numbers, math, and real-world examples to dispel your fears about ditching display ads.

By the end of this workshop, you'll learn how you can confidently move away from display ads and start creating your own ecosystem that's more profitable than ever.

Quick Win: Learn how you could actually earn MORE money from your blog or website by removing display ads and instead creating a hyper-focused customer journey.


✅ How to change the way you think about your website traffic for the benefit of you and your blog

✅ How to use numbers and math to confidently turn off display ads on high-performing posts

✅ The ongoing value of owning your relationship with your readers

✅ How to properly structure a blog post to optimize for opt-ins and sales

✅ How successful bloggers have made the switch from display ads to digital products with positive results


  • The workshop replay in 4 bite-sized, action-packed videos with lifetime access (as per our terms)
  • Display Ad Calculator Spreadsheet that will show you how you can make more money from your existing traffic by getting rid of display ads
  • NEW FEATURE BONUS listen to the workshop on the go with a private podcast audio feed of the entire training

Whether you are currently using display ads or are trying to get accepted into a display ad agency soon, this workshop can help you learn how to monetize the traffic you have more effectively.

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This workshop is not included in the Empowered Business Society or Empowered Business Lab.


This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship.

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