Ultimate Digital Product Business Planner Spreadsheet™

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There are a million moving parts to running a successful digital product business. What if you had one resource to help you manage all of these parts in one place?!

This is the only spreadsheet designed to meet ALL of your needs specific to a digital product business.

23 power-packed tabs that will help you with...

  • Mapping out your digital product suite
  • Tracking important information for your shop, funnel, emails, and marketing campaigns
  • An amazing recurring revenue projections tab that will literally change the game when it comes to recurring revenue
  • The absolute BEST funnel tracking tab to ensure you are recording all the information you need to make informed decisions
  • Know exactly how your marketing campaigns perform
  • Detailed trackers for daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financials specific to a digital product business


These tabs are designed to help you nail down your product suite backed by numbers.

  • (2) Opt-in brainstorming 
  • Product ascension ladder calculator


These tabs are designed to help you plan out your revenue streams so you can make informed decisions on where your focus should be.

  • Marketing campaign planner
  • Recurring revenue planner
  • Email marketing planner


These tabs help you track ALL of the information about your digital products. They also help you track performance for each digital product and marketing campaign so you can make educated decisions in your business.

  • Shopify listing tracker
  • Coupon tracker
  • Funnel product tracker
  • Marketing campaign tracker
  • Email marketing tracker
  • Funnel stat tracker


The tabs will help you track ALL of the important financial data you need to know to run a successful and profitable digital product.

  • Recurring charges
  • Daily revenue
  • Daily expenses
  • Monthly sales by product
  • Monthly expenses
  • Monthly rollup
  • Monthly debrief
  • Quarterly financials
  • Yearly revenue
  • Yearly expenses
  • Yearly overview

You can access your digital product business planner on ANY device including a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop. Need to plan and track business on the go? Now you can!

This is the EXACT Spreadsheet we use to manage all of the moving aspects of our digital product business.


    • A link to a Google Sheet with instructions on how to copy the spreadsheet to your own Google account
    • Instructions on how to save the Google Sheet as a Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers file
    • Multiple video walk-through tutorials explaining how to customize and make the most of the spreadsheet
    • 23 tabs that will take your digital product business to the next level


    ARE THESE TABS INCLUDED IN YOUR OTHER PRODUCTS? This spreadsheet is a combination of many different tabs we've used across various different products. We've inventoried all of our spreadsheets and decided that the best way to help you manage your digital product business was to combine everything we know into one strategic and streamlined spreadsheet. A vast majority of these tabs are not in products you can purchase from us but rather in backend programs we've hosted for higher-level programs.

    Please note: This is NOT a digital product template for you to create a product of your own with. The Ultimate Digital Product Planner Spreadsheet is a consumer-facing product meant for you to use for your own business NOT to resell.

    This is a digital product. Nothing will ship.

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